Friday, December 9, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide, Day 9

Lamson Waterworks Reels
Of all the options of reels out there, I choose to fish Lamson reels.  Why?  Because they work for me and many other people.  I am especially fond of the workhorse Lamson Lightspeed.   It's been a fine reel over the years and one I reach for as my personal reel.  This year you can find them on discount as they are in the transition of updating the reel to a new model, the Micra 5.  The higher priced reels are some of the lightest reels available and also some of the sweetest looking reels.  The lower priced reels are just as solid as their more expensive brothers but a little more affordable.  Either way, you will be getting a reel that is dependable, functional and durable.  Most fly shops carry Lamson reels and they are certainly available online.      

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