Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide, Day 3

So when you look at all the fly lines on the wall at the fly shop it's pretty similar to looking at glasses frames at the eye doctor.  They all will work in one way or another, but you have to find the one that is right for you.  The one that fits you just right.  SA's Sharkwave Ultimate Trout is an awesome fly line that will work for most people and preform just the way you need it to.  Designed for today's modern fly rods, you don't want to put this line on a bamboo fly rod or something you found at a garage sale.  If you need a do-it-all line, start here.  Decide if you want a standard size line (not overweighted) and if you do, this is the line for you.  If you want a fly line that is a half size heavier, go with an SA MPX line.  I find that the standard size lines are smoother and most people who know how to cast do well with these lines.  If your fly rod is super stiff (Think Sage One) or you are somewhat of a beginner and your casting is not where you would like it to be, then the MPX will be a better choice overall.  This is not to say that experienced casters wouldn't love the MPX.  It's one one of the most popular lines out there (previously it was the GPX line).  The line is $99.00 and while it sounds super expensive, it will last you quite a while as long as you take care of it.  I've been fishing this line this summer and can say that it is definitely worth the price.  Just remember, if you have a high end fly rod, it's only as good as the line you put on it.  If you have a Corvette, would you put on low-end all-season radials on it?  So there you go.  Tell mama that this is the line you want for Christmas.  

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