Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some new offerings from Scott Fly Rod Co.

This year brings three new Scott Series rods for 2012.  As a Scott head, I am pretty excited.  I wish I could get one of the M series!

Scott Fly Rod Co. recently announced three new rod series for 2012. Here they are.  

scott M series fly rods
Developed from our Custom Shop program, Scott M Series rods feature components and craftsmanship most often found on the finest split bamboo rods. These are heirloom quality rods that will make you proud to own them and to fish them.
The freshwater rods are appointed with blued nickel silver components like custom reel seats with amboyna wood spacers, hand made Snakebrand guides, real agate stripping guides in hand soldered nickel silver frames, strap and ring hook keepers, and unique grips turned from the very best Flor grade cork.
These rods are built on the most popular G2, S4 and S4s blanks but use the finest components money can buy. In essence this is a collectors series of rods.

scott A4 fly rod series
A4 rods are smooth casting high line speed rods with very low physical weights. They recover very quickly and cast super flat, very precise loops, yet load progressively and transmit feel extremely well.
scott l2h spey rods
Scott L2h series two handed rods are designed and optimized for today’s new line tapers and casting styles. 

These rods transfer power smoothly and are incredibly stable when changing directions or applying forward stroke power. They to cast flatter, tighter loops that deliver greater distance and accuracy.

Components are top of the line, with new grips shaped from Super grade cork, TiCh coated reel seats with self aligning slide hoods, and TiCh stripping guides that feature SiC inserts. 

L2h rods deliver a new level of performance in mid priced two handers.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Need hoppers?

If you guys are looking for the Hopper Juan fly, there are many places you can get a hold of them. You can find them in several of the Denver and Colorado Springs area fly shops or you can order them through Dream Drift Flies. The link to Dream Drift Flies is to the right on the side bar. Look for the "Buy Hopper Juan Flies" button and it will take you right to my page of flies. As for the shops, Anglers Covey in Colorado Springs has them in stock, Anglers All, Discount Fishing Tackle, Trout's Fly Shop, & The Denver Fly Shop in Denver all carry the Hopper Juan. So if you need some, give them a call or stop by and pick some up.
The Hopper Juan is available in size 8-12.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Just so you know, I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth.  Well, it feels like I have but I haven't.  In the last three weeks or so, I have attended 2 funerals, fished 4 days, and traveled about 2,700 miles witnessed a motorcycle accident and was the first on the scene.  Nobody died, but there was lots of blood and I found out, I would be worthless if I found you on the side of the road dying. All I could do for you is pray.   I spent way too much money on gas and eating out, drank too many Cokes and sat on my ass way to long.  But, I did see some family that I haven't seen in a long time, travel some roads that I haven't been on in a while and enjoyed almost all of it.  Here are just a few photos for you since a post is worthless without pictures.

Mancos, Colorado
11 Mile Canyon, Colorado
My client, Kevin seeing the results of throwing a Hopper Juan.
Dang Bubba, that's how it is done!  Gallup New Mexico
Umm, not sure.  
Navajo Nation, USA

Some where on 1-40