Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide, Day 6

Dr. Slick Razor Scissors
I am sure a lot of you already own a pair of these awesome scissors.  If not, you need to make sure that you let someone know that you need a pair for Christmas.  For around $25.00 and available at most fly shops, it's a pretty affordable gift to either give or receive.  
What make these scissors amazing is how sharp they are and how well they cut. If you are new to fly tying, increase your please with a pair of these.  You will never go back to a different pair again.  If you already own a pair, a new pair never hurts.  Eventually we drop them on hardwood floors, cut wire with them accidentally or our kids use them for their school projects without permission.  Whatever your status is, get a pair.  You will not be disappointed.  

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