Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New 5wt. Fly Rod Shoot Out results

If you've followed this blog for a while now, you understand that I love gear.   I have in the past, compared different fly rods and line to go with those rods and gave you my opinion.  Here and here and here.  My hands down favorite fly rods are the Hardy Zenith rods.  I don't think there is a better fly rod out there right now.  The Scott Radian came closer but couldn't touch it.

Over the last few years, there have been a couple of 5 wt. shoot outs done by George Anderson's Yellowstone Angler.  These are great rod comparisions on the best rods out there.  Just today, I received an e-mail about a new, different rod Shoot out.  Trident Fly Fishing did their own shoot out and came up with a different winner.  Take a look here.
What interested me the most with this review was that the Hardy Zenith came in 2nd place.  It was tested by various anglers and scored accordingly to how they thought it felt.  It did great and it just goes to show that that rod is definately one of the best all around rods out there if not the best!    Another thing that popped out to me was the comments on the Sage ONE rod.  Some said it was "too fast for the average angler".  I have been saying this all along!!  The Scott Radian is also another one of those rods who has a great following.  I cast this rod along several others and felt it was a bit too stiff for an all around rod for me.  It also felt that way to others in the review.  I think it is a great rod, but just a tad bit too stiff and fast.  I would love this rod in a 6wt. for streamers. The winner, the Orvis H2 is another top both rod.  Do I think it is better than the Zenith?  NO!  It is pretty darn special though.  

In truth, I think I might like the H2 4wt. over the Zenith.  That 4wt. is a special rod.   It's light and fast and smooth.  The 5 wt. is strong and accurate and better than the One and Radian in my opinion but not as smooth, powerful and light as the Zenith.  The Radian does have a special place in my heart though.  It was created here in Colorado and my casting style was formed by Scott rods.  The look of those rods are unique and there is nothing that compares to the hand scribed writing.  I don't own one.....yet.

So what are your thoughts on rods you own now? What rods do you like? Dislike?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

2 days

Every once in a while I get out on my own.  This week I was able to get out twice, both with my wonderful wife.  One trip to 11 Mile Canyon and another day on the Dream Stream.  It's great to toss the flies yourself.  I have been pointing to clients and telling them where to toss those flies.  The PMDs are starting to show and that will mean some great dry fly fishing soon!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hopper Juan Tying Kits

Hopper Juan kits are again available for purchase!  They include hard to find materials to tie 6 Hopper Juans.  Included are 6 hooks, size #8, 12 pre-cut foam bodies, 6 pre-cut over wings, rubber legs and indicator material.  You will need the thread, elk hair, super glue and krystal flash.  The kits cost $5.00 per + shipping.  Please e-mail me at juan@anglerscovey.com if you would like to purchase some kits.  I accept Pay-Pal.