Monday, March 28, 2016

The Slim Shady Baetis Nymph 5.0

I know, I know, I already have about 4 or 5 patterns that I have called the "Slim Shady" at some point, but this one is the last one, I promise.  This is it.  This is the one.  I finally settled on a pattern that I will now retire that name.  The reason why I like that name so much is because it is catchy and the younger generation knows exactly what the reference is.  But more than that, I love it because I strive to tie my baetis nymphs slim and skinny.  That is what the fish like and that is what I like.  So, from now on, this fly is called the Slim Shady.  It's been killing it lately and I have enjoyed tying it and fishing it.  After a few changes, I find that it is bomb-proof and durable.  There were some challenges early on with durability, but they have been fixed.  Stay tuned for a video and more info on these bugs.  They are brand new, so I am still working on colors right now.  Stay tuned!!

They like the "Slim Shady"

Not a clue as to why?  

It worked awesome as a match to the dark baetis nymphs the fish were eating

Lt. Olive Slim Shady

Lt. Brown Slim Shady


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Scott G2 Rods for Sale

Are you looking for a 2nd rod or a new to you fly rod?  I have two Scott G2 rods that I am putting up for sale.
They both are in good to great condition and have been used gently over the years.  They were my personal rods and not used for guiding so they are not beat up.
I am asking $300.00 for each one, plus shipping.

Scott G2 8'8" 4wt fly rod.--SOLD!

Scott G2 8' 8" 5wt fly rod.  SOLD!!!

Please e-mail me at if you are interested.