Friday, April 15, 2016

The Gore-Tex Boys.

I remember looking at this ad in the magazines and thinking that these guys are bad ass!  How about you?  It was the beginning of my fly fishing career and I was new and these guys looked like they knew it all.  Little did I know that almost 20 years later, I'd meet the two gentleman on the left.
I spent a few days in Sheridan Wyoming last week and I was fortunate enough to meet these two gentlemen and share with them some of my new patterns and some guide stories that I wouldn't share with most people because they are somewhat embarrassing.  Things about losing gear and basically doing stupid things on guide trips.  There were a lot of laughs!
Sheridan Wyoming is an interesting place in the fly fishing world.  There is some serious talent there and most people really don't know how influential the anglers and fly tiers of that area are on the Bighorn river scene, which in turn, help to shape all the flies and theories of the tailwater style fishing and fly tying.  I hope to be able to go back up there to Sheridan to fish and help build those new relationships that were formed last week.
Paul Dubas and Bob Krumm of Sheridan, WY.