Friday, June 24, 2011

An interview with Hopper Juan

Here is a video that was done this past winter.  It helps to expand on the pattern know as the Hopper Juan.  I explain it's design, and it's capabilities as well as show it step by step.  I hope you enjoy! is going to be a great site for fly tying videos, but as of right now, it is still in the building process.  I'll follow up once it is done.  Gary T. of Colorado is the creator of this site and he produced this professional video.  Watch it in HD if you can.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes--Scott Fly Rod Co.

After the post on Sage's latest and greatest, I found this.


Yes, I do prefer Scott Fly Rods.  That's all I fish.

Scott | behind the scenes from Scott Fly Rods on Vimeo.
We let our friends Ben and Travis of Felt Soul Media poke around the factory for a couple days to see what they'd come up with. As usual, we were totally disappointed with the outcome and have encouraged them to "get a real job." We appreciate the effort guys, but it seems you can't even afford a camera that films in color.

Music by Palmer Taylor [first track]
and Magic Man [second track]​track/​swell-song
Edited & graded by Ben Knight
Logo Animation by Barry Thompson
Photographed by Ben Knight & Travis Rummel

Are you a fan of the Z-Axis?

If you want another one, you better get one now, because word on the street is that the are being discontinued and being replaced with Sage's new "The One"rod.

With all the new advancements in rod technology these days, there isn't a rod company that is changing up their rods.  Sage seems to love getting people hooked on one rod lineup and then dropping them for something new.  I guess they love hearing from protesting people wanting their old favorites back.  Remember the XP series and now the Z-Axis?  We will see what this new rod is like using newer technology, but I have no doubt that it will be great.  But so was the XP and the Z-Axis.  What are your thoughts?  I know that Sage is the most popular rod company out there and more people fish them than any other.  Are you going to run out and try one out?  Maybe sell the Z-Axis you have now?  Or maybe you really don't care about newer, faster, lighter, or Konnetic technology?

Click here for more info on Sage's "One".  

Monday, June 13, 2011

A fishing dog

He might not be the typical fishing dog, and he might be the only dog out on the river swimming across a shallow riffle, but he loves being out there.

 A young pup soaking up the sun in Taylor Park.
 Ahh, a hard day on the river.  
 Glad I don't have to drive home.  I am pooped.  
 I always have this stupid leash on.  When is "training" over?
Crap, I couldn't find a shallow riffle to cross, so I had to swim across the river.  Now I am going to be left behind!  They didn't tell me they were going to raise the flow today either.    

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got Caddis Larvas?

So a buddy of mine posted a picture here, and asked the question, "What would you tie on"?
With day 3 of fishing, I headed to "The Dream Stream" to check out what was going on.  Caddis larva was going on.  About 30 minutes into being on the water, the flows appeared to be going up.  There was a lot of junk coming down the river.  It came up about 50 CFS, not a big jump, but enough to throw things off.  The first fish came about 10 minutes into the day and guess what it ate?  A caddis larva.  The 2nd came about 15 minutes later and he also ate a green caddis larva.  It was a thick 20" Cuttbow.  After the water came up, the fishing went off for about an hour and a half or so and then it picked up a bit.  With all the junk and off colored water, I went to a pink SJ worm and it got things started again.  A few fish later I was  working a good stretch of water when it happened.  It always happens.  I was high-holed.  About 6 guys came and jumped in front of me.  I sometimes hate fishing in Front Range accessible waters.  But, like a New Yorker complaining about riding the subway or the congestion, we move on.  Soon the notorious South Park winds came howling down the valley and I had enough.   So if you want some action, whip up a few cream and green caddis larvas and go have some fun.  Flow was 168 and went up to 210.

 Green and Cream!
 You can match them with these two flies.  
 More larva.
There is still a lot of snow up there to melt.  

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doing my time

Right now, I am on day 2 of 3 of fishing.  What else would I do when I have fee time?  What would you do?  That's what I thought.
While almost every river in the state is cranking with water, the S. Platte is cruising downhill about 100 CFS or so, not to intent on making it to the lawns of Denver.  While this is a pretty decent flow, I'd take another hundred or so to get the fish really eating.  But eating they are right now.  Yesterday in 11-Mile Canyon on a guide trip, they were eating PMDs, Hoppers and just about anything else you wanted to trail.  In the Deckers area, they are eating the same stuff.  Funny how that happens.  Here are a few photos from the past two days.  Tomorrow is another day!

 1st fish of the morning. Took the Royal Gourgous Caddis. 
 This was a sweet birdhouse perched atop of a big rock in the river.  
 Rockin' the Chubby!   Sweet fly and nice fish.  You should have seen the take.  I was behind a rock and right in front of the rock, the fish rose slowly and took it.  It was awesome!  
 Wonder why the took the chubby?  These guys are out.  Or at least one of them is out there somewhere.
 The Colorado Caddis took it's share of fish also.  I lost it to a stick.  Dang stick!  
 The Golden iStone was the next batter up.  
 And it hit it out of the park!  

Another great day in the Rockies.  Like I said, there is only about 100 CFS coming downhill right now.  Not bad considering what else is going on around the state.   

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Got Smoke?

There is a bit of smoke out there as you may have noticed.  Where is it coming from?  The bulk of it is coming out of Arizona.  The Wallow fire is estimated at 389,000 acres and is 0% contained.  While the smoke is a nuisance for most if us, it's more than a nuisance for the people in the area affected by the fire.  With the winds blowing like they have been, it may be a long time before they can get a handle on this thing.  There are also other fires in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado adding to the decline in air quality.  
While the record snowpack and flooding is taking place in more northern areas, the south and west is dry as can be.  Let's pray that this thing can be controlled before towns are affected and let's hope we all get rain this summer.....after the flooding recedes.  Mother Nature is wicked isn't she?

(Photo: Reuters/Joshua Lott)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Deckers and North Cat.

It's been a long time since I've been skunked.  When living in New Mexico, I could count on at least a few a year, fishing on a couple of lakes and on the lower Rio Grande near Pilar.  Since moving to Colorado 4 years ago, I haven't gone down that road.  There have ben close calls though.  There was the first time I went to Cheeseman Canyon in November, and although I saw a few fish, I finally hooked and landed one. Then the time on the Arkansas River in February or March with my buddy Kent.  I worked and worked for just one fish.  At North Catamount Res. 2 years ago I was kicking my way back to shore after getting my butt kicked by the fish.  I got my one pity fish on the way in.  And yesterday at lower Deckers, I got one hooked and landed.  Just one.  I had others, but they either missed or got off.  One in the net.  That's all I needed.  

  Caught on a MFC Soft Shell Stone.  

 Today, I headed to North Catamount Reservoir to fish the inlet area.  It was good.  The wind was not bad, but by noon, I had enought fish and wind to last until next week.  All the fish were caught on dry flies.  A CDC Emerging Midge was exactly what the fish were wanting.  The fly consists of an amber shuck and black body and white CDC wing tied in the RS2 style.  This fly has become one of my go to patterns on both lakes and rivers.  The day started off hazy from all the smoke coming from the fire in Arizona.  It made the day almost "overcast" as you can see in the picture of Pike's Peak.

 The inlet of North Cat.  A little low, but plenty of water.  I fished on the north side (left) of the inlet.  
 Buddy has been a good fishing partner.
Hazy day.  Pike's Peak.  14,110'

Thursday, June 2, 2011

For Sale


Update:  I still have this and want to move it.  I am now asking $240.00+shipping.  
Retail price is $410.00

I have a new, never been used, Galvan Spoke S-5 for sale.  It has a blue "spoke" and is made to hold a 5/6 weight line.  If you are interested, please let me know.  I need to purchase a smaller reel and I am asking $290.00 + shipping for this reel.  Please see the specs. below.   Warranty card included.

S5    .900"   4.45   WF5-6  125 yd/100 yd   20lb.  $410.00