Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Montana Fly Company Stuff

A while back I ordered some thing from MFC.  Some items were back ordered and I never received them.  Well yesterday, I received a small package in the mail.  It was some of the back ordered stuff.  In the package was a couple of really neat items.  One was a MFC fly box.  I ordered this for a donation box but now looking at it, I might just keep it for myself.  The other thing I was surprised to see was a bulk pack of CDC.  Now this isn't just a small package of CDC feathers, it is a bulk pack.  3 grams of the stuff is a lot of feathers! Take a look and next time make sure you give MFC tying materials a look.  They have some good stuff out there.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Successful Winter Tying Demos.

All good things have to come to an end and the fly tying demos at Ghillies are finished for the year.  When I set out to have a few guys come down to tie, little did I know that we would have a line up like we did.  What started with 4 or 5 guys, ended up with 16 guys and some of the West's best tiers.   All of those people brought to the table many, many different techniques and ideas on flies and fishing.  From midges to streamers and back again, here are just a few images.

Larry Kingrey and Curtis Andrews

While many images were not captured by me, I have other photos saved on a different computer, but I am not able to access those files.  I wished I had taken more photos, but was to busy watching many of these tiers.  All the flies tied are on display at Ghillies if you would like to see them.  
I want to thank all the guys who made the trip down to Colorado Springs and spent their day tying flies for all of us.  Please know that you all did an excellent job and everyone enjoyed it and were extremely pleased.  To all those that attended these demos,thank you for showing up week after week and for supporting those that came down.  There were many of you that attended consistently and helped make these a success.  Thanks for bring snacks, brownies and other goodies that got us through till lunch time! 
Again, THANK YOU to all participants and to all those that attended.  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Randy's Baetis Nymph, #20

Randy's Baetis

Start by tying in wood duck /mallard tails and dub body.

Tie in some legs by using same material as tail.  Cut to length about even with the hook point.
Tie in the wingcase.  Use black colored Tyvek material.  This is about 2mm wide.
Cut to length.  Again, about even with hook point.
Dub over the tie in point to make head.
Finish off with whip finish.
Tie a dozen of these and wait for a cloudy day to take to nearest stream and try them out.  

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Coming soon to a stream near you....


Here are a couple of patterns that I have been playing around with recently.  The Caddis larva is a simple pattern requiring a hook, bead, Wonder Wrap and dubbing, it is simple yet very effective.  

The caddis pupa adds some wing buds and hackle fibers for legs, but it too is simple and effective.  The adult caddis is simply a peacock caddis.  

Caddis Larva
Hook:  Dia Rikki 135 #14-16
Bead:  Black 3/32”
Thread:  Underbody to match body color.  Black for the head.  
Body:  MFC Wonder Wrap or Span-Flex, Flexi-Floss, Ect.   Chartreuse or Cream
Thorax:  Black dubbing.

Caddis Pupa
Hook:  Dia Rikki 135 #14-16
Bead:  Black 3/32”
Thread:  Underbody to match body color.  Black for the head.  
Body:  MFC Wonder Wrap or Span-Flex, Flexi-Floss, Ect.   Chartreuse or Cream.
Thorax:  Black dubbing.
Wing Buds:  Dark Brown Medallion Sheeting.
Legs:  Brown Hen Hackle.
Antenna:  Two Feather Fibers such as Wood Duck.

Peacock Caddis
Hook:  Dia Rikki 320 #14-16
Thread:  Black 8/0
Body:  Peacock Fibers
Wing:  Elk or Deer Hair
Hackle:  Grizzly Neck or Saddle