Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide, Day 11

Fly Boxes
Lets start with a few MFC fly boxes. Recently they have released a series of really cool plastic fly boxes that have some awesome artwork on the covers.  Every year they add to the selection and just this past year they added some state flags to the cover.  Of most interest to us here in Colorado is the Colorado box.  It's pretty cool and I have one sitting on my tying bench ready to get filled up.  These boxes also accept an insert leaf that can double your storage.  If you really need to stash a boatload of flies, you might want to get a boat box.  These things can carry enough flies to open a fly shop.  They are sold with different sized slits to hold appropriately sized flies.     This too can accept a swing leaf to double your storage.  
Tacky Fly Boxes are new to the scene but have made a huge impact.  Perhaps one of the favorites, I am guessing most people own one, if not, they want one.  With different sized options now, one or more will be appreciated.  They hold flies the best and with a clear cover case, it's easy to see what you need even if you carry multiple boxes.  I carry two or more of these with me on the river.  One other item they produce is the Tacky Tube.  I don't own one (HINT, HINT...) but I do want one.  These tubes are designed to hold your flies, either used or some you throw in for a small creek expedition.  The magnets are an added bonus to this cool little item.  
There are plenty more fly boxes out there, but these are just two that I am familiar with.  You can find these at most fly shops ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree.  As you can see, there is a big difference between the two boxes.  One with cool artwork and one with a clear, simple case.  Either way, these are great gifts for the angler.  

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