Friday, November 3, 2017

The Slim Shady 5.0

Yes, I am still around and this blog is still alive!   Sorry for the lack of posts, but I was a bit busy this summer.   I spent about 200+ days on the water this year.
Hopefully I will be able to continue and post interesting things!
I am going to start back up by posting the tying info for the Slim Shady Baetis, 5.0

I've been fishing the Slim Shady 5.0 for most of the year and have had some really good days with it. It's a baetis pattern but when are South Platte fish not eating baetis?  I've even gone so far as to tie it as a Split Back pattern and and updated Ice Emerger 2.0 pattern.  More on those patterns later.  For now, take a look at the fly and the recipe for the Slim Shady.  The "Slim Rib" material is not available in any fly shops, so if you need some, send me an e-mail.  I will be selling it.

Slim Shady Baetis, 5.0
Hook:    TMC 200R
Thread:  MFC 8/0 Light Brown or Veevus Tan 14/0
Tails:      Split Mirco Fibbets, Black
Rib:        Slim Rib, Brown
Thorax:  Thread
Wingcase:  Black 1/32" Holographic Tinsel
Legs:      12 Strands of Black Flouro Fibre
UV Resin:  Deer Creek Diamond Fine
Other colors I tie in in are:  Light Olive, Rust, Purple and Olive Dun.
Real or Fake?
Just add water
The bug on the left looks fake.  I mean, look at his pose.  Sassy.  

The Money $hot Baetis.  2 Diamond glass Beads

Light Brown SS 5.0

Money $hot

PMD Slim Shady
PMD CDC Loop Winger Emerger, SS 
PMD Split Case SS
More 5.0s

And more 5.0s

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