Friday, October 31, 2014

The Mercury RS2

The Mercury RS2 is one of my staple patterns in my box.  It passes for so many bugs and does it really well.  It often comes out to play when I need an additional trigger such as a bit more flash in deeper water or even off colored water.  I especially like this pattern in a size 22 for trico nymph and emergers and sunk spinners.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tropical moisture brings BWO out to play

When a tropical storms rolls up from the Pacific, which doesn't happen all too often, although this is the second time this year, into the Southern Rockies, it brings with it the perfect BWO weather.  What to do?  Take a few days off to throw dries.  That is what I did today and it was awesome!  I've been tying lots of different BWOs lately an they all worked great but.......I couldn't see them.  Between the rain falling and the low light, I had trouble seeing anything other than the hi-viz patterns.  I threw them all anyways and had a great day.  Check it out.
Streamers before the rain starts falling

Fall colors all along the riverside

Looking downstream

Looking upstream

Carl Pennington's Biot Emerger is one of my favorites. 

Look at the colors!

Sparkle Dun eater

My first fish on a no hackle pattern.  These things are so sexy!

The drying patch.  It was so wet today, I had trouble keeping things dry even before they hit the water.