Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide, Day 4

Patagonia Tractor Boots.
If you or someone you know needs a little more traction in the river, you need to get a pair of these.
I don't own a pair of these yet, but I am going to get a pair.  I have been able to spend several days in them this summer though on the South Platte River and the Arkansas River.  If you fish the South Platte, these things are like putting football cleats on or maybe more like velcro.  You are much more stable and safer with them.  The only problem I had with them was in high water at Deckers.  I slipped and fell in at 500CFS, but I don't blame my footing, I blame the fish I was trying to land and was chasing around and got pushed by the water.  On the Arkansas River, these things really shine.  It makes for a much better day all around.  I was able to walk my clients through the rough water and give them a hand without worrying too much about slipping on the very slick boulders.  Overall, these things fit well, and are completely durable.  The bars will eventually wear out just like a pair of tires do, but I still think they are worth it.  The price is steep ($279.00), but again, I feel that its very worth it to stay dry and safe.  When you see me on the river next time, I am going to have a pair of these on.  I hope you have them on too!

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