Friday, April 25, 2014

Swing with it.

 A little less than two weeks ago today, this video was taken.  In those two weeks, things on the water have changed dramatically.  This time of the year, we see a lot of different cycles.  With a good, solid snowpack this year, more water is being dumped out of reservoirs to make room for extra run off and the heavier, low level snowmelt is melting, something that may not happen on an average year.  This can change fishing conditions drastically.  Make sure you follow flows to see what your favorite water is doing before you head out.
This is where I go to look up my favorite water to see what the flows are like.
Here are a couple of links to a short piece of information about fishing higher water from Anglers Covey Fly Shop.
Have fun and stay safe!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Snow and BWOs

If you have never fished a full blown BWO hatch as my client had not, it can be quite a sight.  We had to stop and walk away from rising fish.  It was getting late and our fingers couldn't tie on another dry fly.  There were so many heads poking out of the water, I'd see naturals float down the river like a pinball, bouncing off of the rings of a rising trout and then bouncing off another, on down the river.  For my Floridian clients, the snow was a thing of amazement.  It was truly a great day on the water, even if the true magic happened in the last quarter of the day.  

Fighting another BWO eater

Almost in!

Right between the rocks.


The walk back to the car.  It was beautiful!

Early on, before the rods were buried