Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide, Day 7

Conterra Guide 1 First Aid Kit
How many of you have and carry a first aid kit?  How many of you know where to get one small enough to carry in your vest or pack?  I know that this suggestion is not very exciting.  You can't and really don't want to use it, but when it comes to a time when you have to use it, you will be glad you have one.  This kit covers you in case of a small emergency on the stream or in the field.  And since you probably won't buy this for yourself, pass this information along and maybe you will find it under the tree come Christmas morning.  Take a look at, to purchase this kit.  There is also a larger one available if needed for more coverage.  I've been carrying a small first aid kit and have had to get into it several times this year and not just for bandaids.  It's not a matter of if, but when you will need this kit.  Make sure you are prepared!  


  1. Definitely a good gift. I don't have a little one I carry, just the big one I keep in the truck. Yes, I've needed it on occasion.

  2. Yep, It's always good to have something on you at all times.