Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Lil' Hollywood Hopper Video

The Lil' Hollywood Hopper uses a new hook, the Umpqua C550BL, to take advantage of the open hook gape while still providing a smaller hopper body.  This provides a strong hook to land those bigger fish and knowing the hook is sharp enough and strong enough to hold them.  This pattern can be tied using standard rubber legs as opposed to the MFC legs.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Lil' Hollywood Hopper

The HD video will be out tomorrow, but for now here is a sneak peek.  You asked for a smaller hopper with a good hook.  Here it is.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Twisted Sister Midge

Check out this new little pattern for your winter fishing.  It's simple and only requires a few materials.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Money Midge

It's not a new pattern.  I call it the Money Midge because of the price to make it.  Putting Tungsten beads on a TMC 2499SP-BL hook makes for a great pattern, but a costly one to produce.  This is one to go after if caught in a tree or snagged on a rock.  But it will catch fish.  I promise.  

Hook:  TMC 2499SP-BL #18
Thread:  MFC 8/0 Brown
Bead:  2mm MFC Lucent Bead, Coffee Color
Wire:  UTC Small Copper Brown
Dubbing:  Hareline Golden Brown Ice Dub

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The A.K. Best test

A.K. Best stopped by my table this weekend and checked out some of my flies.  He told me I had a lot of flies.  I asked him if he wanted to buy some.  He laughed.  He also looked closely at one of my patterns.  He said it looked good.  It was thin and sparse just as it should be he said.  Whew!  I guess I passed the "A.K. Best test"!

I posted this on my Facebook page.  If you haven't yet, stop by and "like" the Hopper Juan page.  I share little tie-bits and photos there that usually don't make it here.  Click on the Icon to be taken there.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Denver Fly Fishing Show, 2013

It has come and gone, but man was it fun! The 2013 FFS was great as usual and it was awesome to meet up with old friends and to meet some new friends.  Many of you stopped by to thank me and to tell me that they enjoyed this blog.  That really means a lot to me and energizes me with more ideas and more passion.  Bringing you great content is something I strive for.  Thank you to all the readers out there for supporting me over the years.  
It seems like the tiers this year were more than usual and that was great.  The usual Denver area guys were there cranking out some of the world's best fly patterns and some really innovative patterns.  I think this area has the greatest concentration of great tiers than anywhere else.  Let me know if you agree.  There were a few highlights to the show.  One has to be seeing Howard from Windknots and Tangled Lines Blog.  With what has come to be a yearly tradition, he stopped by to talk and show me his Fiberglass Manifesto shirt. This year as we were chatting, Mike Broward showed up repping the FM shirts.  How do these guys find each other?  
Keeping it real
MFC Tier, Casey Duncan
The powerful Shea Gunkel
I was also able to meet Josh Udesen, an artist and areally cool guy.  His art work graces the water bottles and fly boxes of Montana Fly Company.  Check out his work Here.  We were trying to work out a barter involving some orginal artwork and a fly box, but since he has more shows scheduled in the coming weeks, we will hold off.  The photo above has him thinking really good and hard about the deal.  

Dave Whitlock
Capt. Bill and Molly with Royal Gorge Anglers.  
Many of you may know who April Vokey is. If not, I ask you if you really are a fly fishing fool or not?  April is one of the hottest (literally) names on the scene these days.  She is a B.C. based Steelhead guide that is taking the world by storm.  While she is not your typically looking guide, she is the real deal and a hoot to be around too.  My buddy Jake Ruthvan from Fins On The Fly blog was lucky enough to spend some time with her and I even think she has a crush on him.  What a problem to have right?  April will be joining the Montana Fly CO. design team this year, so you will see her patterns coming out soon also.  

Another highlight of the show was getting to meet Phil Rowley, a long time fly tier from Canada.  Phil is one of the most recognized stillwater tiers. When the FFS first came to Denver in 2001, I made the trip up from New Mexico and Phil's book was the only thing I bought.  I used that book to learn patterns to fish on the lakes of Northeastern NM and when I met Phil, he mentioned that he loved this blog and followed it regularly.  That was such an awesome compliment.  We hit it off and he is just an awesome guy to be around.  I am sure we will be lifelong pals.  I had him sign that book and it feels like this show has come a complete circle.  I bought a book and followed this guy's instruction for tying and now he is watching me tie flies.  Wow!  Phil, I appreciate your friendship and thank you for all the inspiration and instruction over the years.  
With that, I will unload all my crap and tie some more flies.  What else would I do?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Fly Fishing Show

It's that time of the year again for the shows in our neck of the woods to begin.  I will be in Denver this weekend twisting up some of my favorite patterns.  I will have some Hopper Juans and Hollywood Hoppers for sale as well as Hoper Juan kits for sale.  Stop by and say hi.  I look forward to meeting new faces and followers of this blog and saying hi to old friends.

For more info, click HERE