Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Caddis are coming!

The caddis are coming, the caddis are coming!!
Like a big storm formed in the Pacific headed east, we all can see it coming.  There is no doubt that the big hatch on the Arkansas is going to happen.  Starting today, the weather and conditions will make sure it happens.  There were some caddis out last week when the water temperatures were just right, for a little bit.  With the cooler weather, the water temps dropped back into the 40s.  As the air temps hit 60 and above, it will certainly warm the water enough for the caddis to pop.  This weekend is forecasted to be in the 70s and this will mean the hatch will certainly move up river quickly.
What bugs to throw?
Larva:  Pretty much any larva, but some of my favorites include Shea's Caddis Roller found at Royal Gorge Anglers (RGA), The Copper John in Chartreuse, Carl Pennington's Lucent Larva and Caddis larva, Larry Kingrey's Metallic Larva also found at RGA.
Pupa: My Royal Gorgeous Caddis is awesome this time of the year as is any of Larry's patterns and most commercial patterns. Also, the Colorado Caddis is great.   The Royal Gorgeous can be purchased at RGA and Anglers Covey in Colo. Springs.
Dry:  Furmisky's Fluttering Caddis in black is great.  Mercer's Missing Link, X-Caddis, Bloom's Caddis , Peacock Caddis, Black Foam Caddis and many others.

For more info, go to Royal Gorge Angler's website or give them a call or stop by.  They are top notch and will have all the answers.  Bill Edrington has forgotten more about that river then most of us will ever know and Taylor is right behind him in knowledge.

Don't forget about the BWOs and Streamers!!!

Peacock Caddis

Caddis Pupa

Caddis Pupa

Colorado Caddis

Carl's D-Rib Stone in Black

Don't forget your streamers!!!


Furminsky's Fluttering Caddis

Black Foam Caddis

The Royal Gorgeous Caddis

Hot Wire Prince

Hot Wired Caddis

More Royal Gorgeous 

Simple Caddis Larva

Colorado Caddis

Don't forget about the stones!

Chartreuse Copper John

Juan/Carl's D-Rib Golden Stone

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quick trip with Jack.

Jackson and I made a quick run to the Ark yesterday.  It was fun to get out.  We only had a couple of hours to fish and he spent most of it playing, but he did fish some.  It was a great day as it was his last day being 8 years old.  Today, Sunday, is his 9th Birthday.  Happy Birthday Jack!  
There were only a few BWOs out today and I managed a few on dries.  The rest came on RS2s. 

Jackson only made a few cast and came up with this guy. 
The real deal.
A fake. 
Pretty realistic huh? 

See that foam?  A nice fish was rising to BWOs.  Yea, I caught him.