Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide, Day 8

Deer Creek Diamond Fine and Diamond Fine Flex UV Resins
In the world of UV resins there can only be one.  Only one that can be tack free. That one is the Deer Creek Diamond Fine UV resin.  Sure there are several other options out there but I am only going to recommend this one.  I've been using it for several years now and it does everything I need it to do.  The hardest challenge it has passed is to drop it into my small tying trash basket next to my vise.  It usually contains bits of thread, z-lon, deer hair and other bits that would stick to any tacky surface given the opportunity.  The key to any UV resin though is to cure it completely.  If your light is not powerful enough or the battery is low, you will have some issues.  The best news for this resin is that it is now distributed by Hareline Dubbin, which means that it will probably be available in most fly shops from now on.  Do yourself a favor and ask for some or get a bottle for a tying buddy.  UV resins will change the way you tie flies and this UV resin is my personal favorite.  

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