Friday, June 24, 2011

An interview with Hopper Juan

Here is a video that was done this past winter.  It helps to expand on the pattern know as the Hopper Juan.  I explain it's design, and it's capabilities as well as show it step by step.  I hope you enjoy! is going to be a great site for fly tying videos, but as of right now, it is still in the building process.  I'll follow up once it is done.  Gary T. of Colorado is the creator of this site and he produced this professional video.  Watch it in HD if you can.


  1. Great video.. Love the fly and now I've got no excuse not to try and tie a few up.

  2. I tied up a bunch to put to work on the South Fork of the Snake this summer!

  3. Hi juan,
    I have a couple of dozen ready to go. I am going to The Juan to try them out. They should be great. I can't wait to use them this week. This should be the perfect fly on my Helios with 4x. I liked the video as well. Thanks for helping us tiers out.

  4. Fellas,

    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. If you have any photos, shoot them my way for a blog post.

    Gary,--a buddy was using them on the San Juan with good results!

  5. Been slaughtering smallmouth on these in the past week on the local creeks. Great fly.

  6. DTT--Good job man! Send me some photos to post up or post them on my Facebbok HJ page.