Sunday, June 12, 2011

Got Caddis Larvas?

So a buddy of mine posted a picture here, and asked the question, "What would you tie on"?
With day 3 of fishing, I headed to "The Dream Stream" to check out what was going on.  Caddis larva was going on.  About 30 minutes into being on the water, the flows appeared to be going up.  There was a lot of junk coming down the river.  It came up about 50 CFS, not a big jump, but enough to throw things off.  The first fish came about 10 minutes into the day and guess what it ate?  A caddis larva.  The 2nd came about 15 minutes later and he also ate a green caddis larva.  It was a thick 20" Cuttbow.  After the water came up, the fishing went off for about an hour and a half or so and then it picked up a bit.  With all the junk and off colored water, I went to a pink SJ worm and it got things started again.  A few fish later I was  working a good stretch of water when it happened.  It always happens.  I was high-holed.  About 6 guys came and jumped in front of me.  I sometimes hate fishing in Front Range accessible waters.  But, like a New Yorker complaining about riding the subway or the congestion, we move on.  Soon the notorious South Park winds came howling down the valley and I had enough.   So if you want some action, whip up a few cream and green caddis larvas and go have some fun.  Flow was 168 and went up to 210.

 Green and Cream!
 You can match them with these two flies.  
 More larva.
There is still a lot of snow up there to melt.  


  1. Good to hear you got into some nice fish Juan. Your experience, with hole jumpers and flow bumps mirrors my last trip there to a T.
    Thanks for the plug too. It boosted hits on my site nicely.

  2. Are those caddis larvae your patterns? I think another HopperJuan production video is in order. Also, my most frustrating experience as an angler with other anglers occurred on the "dream stream." I really have no desire to return.