Sunday, June 5, 2011

Deckers and North Cat.

It's been a long time since I've been skunked.  When living in New Mexico, I could count on at least a few a year, fishing on a couple of lakes and on the lower Rio Grande near Pilar.  Since moving to Colorado 4 years ago, I haven't gone down that road.  There have ben close calls though.  There was the first time I went to Cheeseman Canyon in November, and although I saw a few fish, I finally hooked and landed one. Then the time on the Arkansas River in February or March with my buddy Kent.  I worked and worked for just one fish.  At North Catamount Res. 2 years ago I was kicking my way back to shore after getting my butt kicked by the fish.  I got my one pity fish on the way in.  And yesterday at lower Deckers, I got one hooked and landed.  Just one.  I had others, but they either missed or got off.  One in the net.  That's all I needed.  

  Caught on a MFC Soft Shell Stone.  

 Today, I headed to North Catamount Reservoir to fish the inlet area.  It was good.  The wind was not bad, but by noon, I had enought fish and wind to last until next week.  All the fish were caught on dry flies.  A CDC Emerging Midge was exactly what the fish were wanting.  The fly consists of an amber shuck and black body and white CDC wing tied in the RS2 style.  This fly has become one of my go to patterns on both lakes and rivers.  The day started off hazy from all the smoke coming from the fire in Arizona.  It made the day almost "overcast" as you can see in the picture of Pike's Peak.

 The inlet of North Cat.  A little low, but plenty of water.  I fished on the north side (left) of the inlet.  
 Buddy has been a good fishing partner.
Hazy day.  Pike's Peak.  14,110'


  1. Getting the skunk off is the only pressre I ever feel on a trip and usually that first fish comes pretty easy, but in going back through the fishing logs..... I've had my fair share of days when I worked it hard for 10 -12 hours just to pull that one "I can call it a day fish".....

  2. Yep! I always feel pressure until one fish is caught! That looks like a beautiful fish...making one all you need. :)

  3. Juan ... It look like you had a great day at North Cat. Thanks for the invitation to join you, sorry I couldn't play two days in a row. Maybe another day we can make it happen. Great images!

    Two Guys ~ Wet Waders & Flies

  4. Nothing worse than being under the gun to catch a fish so you don't go home skunky...

  5. Although, isn't a bath of tomato soup supposed to be the cure for that?

  6. Ah, good old Cheeseman ... it's a legit place to get skunked. Those fish can be difficult to say the least and once hooked, the definitely know how to get off.

    I remember a day a number of years back that my brother landed about 15 fish, I hooked about the same number and I only landed one of them - the smallest of the brown's.

  7. If that's "the one," I'd take it all day coming and going. Beautiful specimen. Deckers has sure been throwing some awesome quality fish of late. Let's fish sometime soon, and shoot some photography along the way!

  8. MM--I am sure you have been there a few times before. It's not always a gimmie, that first fish. I've had them on the first cast, but some days they were few and far between!

    EMB- Why is that? I always do too. I guess it means we are still able to out wit a fish with a pea size brain? It makes me feel better anyway! I feel better the more often it happens too.

  9. Jeff- We have all been there. 8 fish hooked, but none to the net and the day is getting late! I would have had several more to brag about, but they all "just got off".

    Gary--I may head down lower next weekend. I have been hearing stories of some good stuff. I wouldn't mind taking pictures or having my picture taken. :)

  10. Juan,

    I fished Rock Creek, MT the other day and had at least 15 takes on my Chubby. I hooked probably 8 and only landed ONE... the last cast of the day. Some days we poor more passion into fishing than others (replace passion with desperation if needed).