Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doing my time

Right now, I am on day 2 of 3 of fishing.  What else would I do when I have fee time?  What would you do?  That's what I thought.
While almost every river in the state is cranking with water, the S. Platte is cruising downhill about 100 CFS or so, not to intent on making it to the lawns of Denver.  While this is a pretty decent flow, I'd take another hundred or so to get the fish really eating.  But eating they are right now.  Yesterday in 11-Mile Canyon on a guide trip, they were eating PMDs, Hoppers and just about anything else you wanted to trail.  In the Deckers area, they are eating the same stuff.  Funny how that happens.  Here are a few photos from the past two days.  Tomorrow is another day!

 1st fish of the morning. Took the Royal Gourgous Caddis. 
 This was a sweet birdhouse perched atop of a big rock in the river.  
 Rockin' the Chubby!   Sweet fly and nice fish.  You should have seen the take.  I was behind a rock and right in front of the rock, the fish rose slowly and took it.  It was awesome!  
 Wonder why the took the chubby?  These guys are out.  Or at least one of them is out there somewhere.
 The Colorado Caddis took it's share of fish also.  I lost it to a stick.  Dang stick!  
 The Golden iStone was the next batter up.  
 And it hit it out of the park!  

Another great day in the Rockies.  Like I said, there is only about 100 CFS coming downhill right now.  Not bad considering what else is going on around the state.   


  1. Great photos Juan. Glad you've had some time on the water.

  2. Nice! Three days out in a row? Jealous! haha

  3. Juan ... Great to see your signature flies in the lips of these beautiful trout. The canyon has been fishing so well, I had great results on Thursday evening and hope to make a trip again tomorrow evening. Thanks for the great post and sharing your passion.

    Two Guys ~ Wet Waders & Flies

  4. Right on Juan, I always dig it when the guides get to go do this thing everyone calls fly fishing..

  5. Outstanding images, not to mention the catch. Thanks for sharing