Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Behind the Scenes--Scott Fly Rod Co.

After the post on Sage's latest and greatest, I found this.


Yes, I do prefer Scott Fly Rods.  That's all I fish.

Scott | behind the scenes from Scott Fly Rods on Vimeo.
We let our friends Ben and Travis of Felt Soul Media poke around the factory for a couple days to see what they'd come up with. As usual, we were totally disappointed with the outcome and have encouraged them to "get a real job." We appreciate the effort guys, but it seems you can't even afford a camera that films in color.

Music by Palmer Taylor [first track]
and Magic Man [second track]​track/​swell-song
Edited & graded by Ben Knight
Logo Animation by Barry Thompson
Photographed by Ben Knight & Travis Rummel


  1. Once I bought a Scott, I never went back...

  2. You guys are good men. I would like to buy both of you a couple beers.

  3. Careful...I like beer more than I like my fly rods :-)

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  5. Hi Juan, I wrote an entry on the barbels fishing with Hopper Juan.
    I have also put the link to your site, so that people can see the pattern.
    A greeting and I hope you like, the barbel of Spain like the hopper!

  6. Carlos, Great site. Thank you for posting. I am glad they like the pattern. Maybe I can re-post some of your photos?


  7. Hey Juan..

    No love for Winston? :) To be honest I haven't tried a Scott fly rod. I love my Winston though..

    By the way ... Your Hopper Juan is catching fish here in Denmark! I tied it without the stone fly wing (haven't been able to locate any here in the Country) and it's doing quite a good job! I got 8 trout on it Tuesday when nothing else was working.

  8. Of course Juan, you can use the pictures you need.
    If you want I can send in high definition.

    Greetings from Spain

  9. Brian--Thank you for letting me know that you have been using them in Denmark! I love hearing that a pattern of mine is used and appreciated around the world. Thanks again and if you have photos with it and the fish, e-mail them to me.