Monday, June 13, 2011

A fishing dog

He might not be the typical fishing dog, and he might be the only dog out on the river swimming across a shallow riffle, but he loves being out there.

 A young pup soaking up the sun in Taylor Park.
 Ahh, a hard day on the river.  
 Glad I don't have to drive home.  I am pooped.  
 I always have this stupid leash on.  When is "training" over?
Crap, I couldn't find a shallow riffle to cross, so I had to swim across the river.  Now I am going to be left behind!  They didn't tell me they were going to raise the flow today either.    


  1. Looks like the best of fishing partners to me!

  2. Ah it'll learn to keep up and jump the deep spots..
    Looks like a mix of a blue healer, a collie, and a basset hound.. Should make a great fishing dog!

  3. Bigger-He's a Corgi/Aussie mix. Smart as a tack and lots of personality!

  4. Opps--should have said sharp as a tack!