Sunday, July 12, 2009

PMD emerger

I pumped this from a Snake River Cutt, (yea, I pump). It was feeding hard on emergers and I took him on one of my PMD Ice Emergers. It was a great fish about 18" and solid.

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PMD Ice Emerger
Hook: TMC 101, Dia Riki 310, #18-20
Thread: UTC 70, 8/0 Uni-thread, Brown.
Body: Thread body or dubbing, Hareline Dubin, #24, Cholocate
Tail: Microfibetts, divided
Wing bud: Ice dubbing, U.V. Light Yellow
Thorax: Hareline Dubbin #24, Chocolate.


  1. Hello, I´m fernando the Spanish. I almost always fish with mayfly emergers and I get a lot of fish with them. My flies are tyed on #14 and i put a parachute to see them in a better way.
    I find your fly very useful in pools and slow water so I'll try to tye it.
    Greetings. Fernando.

  2. Fernando,

    Thanks! This fly is very easy to tie and a lot of fun to fish. I have had great success with this fly in a BWO version. I just change the ice dubbing to a Callibaetis color or a pearl ice dub.


  3. Juan,
    How do you get the ice dub right on top like that?

  4. I just came back from fishing the Snake and the fish were crushing emergers. I like your pattern, kind of a RS2 variation. I use a similar pattern to the ICE but I use a longer wing and use dun colored zlon or cdc for the wing. These are great early in the hatch. As the Hatch progresses, you will see the thorax begin to emerge with the wings. The longer wing is great because you can cut it back if needed early in the hatch or leave it long. If the flies are closer to the surface, the fly is closer to hatching and I find the wings will be much longer. I will also tye this variation with a yellow or pale pink thorax and a tan abdomen and brown zlon tail. (basic quigly cripple with a lay back wing)

  5. Justin,

    Sounds like you had a great time fishing. PMD hatches are one of my favorites. I guess any mayfly hatching is good and I enjoy them all! If you can, shoot me over some pictures of your fly and maybe a little something about how to tie it and fish it and I can post it here. My e-mail is This fly sounds good!