Friday, July 24, 2009

Juan's Ice Emerger Tutorial

The Ice Emerger is one of my favorite flies to tie on once I see fish rising to emergers right below the surface. It borrows from the great RS2 pattern and the floating nymph, two of the best patterns out there. It is fairly easy to tie once you figure out what you are doing. I also tie this one in a BWO pattern in sizes 20-24. You can either dub the body or make it a thread body. It's up to you.

PMD Ice Emerger
Hook: TMC 101, Dia Riki 310, #18-20
Thread: UTC 70, 8/0 Uni-thread, Brown.
Body: Thread body or dubbing, Hareline Dubin, #24, Cholocate
Tail: Microfibetts, divided
Wing bud: Ice dubbing, U.V. Light Yellow
Thorax: Hareline Dubbin #24, Chocolate.

Thread Ice Emerger

BWO Thread Ice Emerger
Tie On two Microfibetts and split them.

Dub with the color that you want the body to be. This is Hareline Chocolate dubbin.

The wing color for PMDs that I use.

You may have to tie a few to get the amount correct.

Dub onto the tread and make it fairly tight.

With your thumb and index finger, slide the dubbing down the thread so it bunches up on the thread.

Once it is on top of the hook shank, make sure you hold it there with your fingers and make a complete wrap of thread around the hook shank. When you pull down on the thread, the dubbing ball should stay put right on top of the hook shank.

It will not be secure so you will need to make a few wraps to secure it better. I wrap in front and behind as well as use some X wraps.

Just make sure you do not compress the dubbing ball down too much.

Now you can start to dub the thorax area. Do not use too much dubbing here as it will cover up the dubbing ball. You just need enough to cover things up.

Your fly should look like this now, once you tie it off.


  1. Awesome tutorial-- is the ice dubbing a hot spot for the fish or just visuals for the fisherman?


  2. Brian,

    The spot is to imitate the emerging dun. A lot of emergers do not make it completly out of the shuck and some fish key in on this. This imitates a specific time of emergence, but it doens't limit it to just then. I usually fish this deep as a searching pattern with a nymph rig or behind a dry if I am sight fishing to a fish. There is nothing that compares to a fish rejecting a dry and them putting one of these in front of them and having them take just like a natural. It's awesome!

  3. Awesome! I think I will tie a few...


    --Brian J.

  4. Juan,
    Thanks for posting that tutorial. I am betting it is going to catch me a bunch of fish.


  5. nice fly buddy look a bit like one umpqua sold years ago

  6. Hi Juan,
    Great fly. Wanted to ask about a few of the pics at the top - the bodies on these look a bit different from the finished fly at the bottom...Are these dubbed bodies, or some type of other material?
    Many thanks for a great site and all the info you pass along through it.

  7. Jon,

    The two flies at the top of the page are thread bodies with a thread rib and a x-small wire rib. I sometimes tie them his way as it gives the fly a different look, but still keeps the emerging wing. Thanks for asking the question.


  8. Is there a video tutorial on this fly? Thank you.

    1. Yes!!!
      Here is the link: