Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have you had the chance to check out this site?  Herman DeGala has created what I feel is the most unique website out there.  It offers a 360 degree view of flies.  Most patterns listed have recipes so you can gather materials to tie the flies shown.

I am honored to be part of this special site.  Getting listed on Herman's site is by invitation only and I was asked last year to provide some flies.  I quickly mailed some out and a few days later, they were up.  I appreciate the effort that Herman goes to, to provide us with this site.  Thanks Herman!

Listed below are 3 flies that I gave Herman last week when we ran into each other.  These came out of my box and although I wish I could have given him a lot more, I could only find 3 to give him.  The new iStone and the Colorado Caddis were two of the ones I gave him.  I don't claim the Colorado Caddis as mine as I stole it from Midgeman's blog but that pattern doesn't even resemble what I have found listed as the Colorado Caddis.    I put my own twist on it but have kept the same name.  I am sure it could qualify as a new fly but since I stole it......

Some of the world's best tiers have flies displayed on this site, originally tied by them.  It is a great reference site so go grab a warm or cold beverage and take a look here:

 "Tungsten Hot Shot"
"Tungsten Golden iStone"
 "Tungsten Colorado Caddis"


  1. You steal patterns too?? I'm telling Charlie on you....

  2. Thanks for this link, Juan, and congrats on being included amongst the cream of the crop. Well-deserved.

  3. Nice flies Juan. Herman has a great site. I know he welcomes your efforts. Keep up the great patterns, even if some are "borrowed".

  4. Hey Juan, do you have a tutorial or a video on tying the Tungsten Golden iStone? It looks like a real winner. Jerry

  5. loving the hot shot-- great looking bug!

  6. Good morning Juan,

    Congratulations on your site and your flies who are very well accomplished. I am Frenchman therefore please excuse me for my rough Englishman.
    I afforded d 'ajouter your site on mine.
    Warmly Cyril

  7. Sweet flies thanks for posting them.

  8. Awesome looking nymphs---fantastic job thanks for sharing

  9. Congrats Juan, I've been following Herman for awhile, he has some fantastic patterns on his site. He is also a great teacher, would love to see two of you in a tying demonstration together. If that ever happens spam that all over, I'd come from a long way to see that.