Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do you know where your hackle is?

So I have been in 3 fly shops in the last 2 days and for some silly reason, all the colored grizzly saddle hackle is gone.  What is the cause of this?  Well it is fashionable women.  It seems that the new fad is to have your hairstylist add long colored saddle hackle (known as feathers) to the roots of the hair.  It is expected to last around 2 months and you can even curl the feathers.  So in the Colorado Springs and Denver area, hairstylists have been calling and gobbling up any of the colored Whiting and Keough saddles.  They can then turn around and add these to their clients hair for $20-$45 per style.  So it seems that these individual feathers cost the clients about $10.00 per feather.  Dang, if I only I could have seen this coming, I could have bought up some of the finer hackle and held on until all the supply was exhausted and I could have been rich!  Check out some of the following pictures to see what I am talking about and the next time you need some of that saddle hackle for some buggers and all the fly shops are out,  just remember that you might have to call up some of the hairstylists and beg for a few hackles to tie a few flies.  And don't be surprised if they don't know why the heck you would need some feathers or what a Woolly Bugger is.  Just remember, this too (thankfully) shall go the way of the hammer-pants...

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  1. I'd still rock hammer pants if I could get away with it. Maybe put some lines on the side of my head too. Also, this fad is ridiculous. These women need to think of the flies that could have been tied that will never see water.

  2. Now you've got me thinking Juan! I can't wait for the Hair Club for Men to come out with their "full cape treatment".
    I also know a little bar maid in Rock Springs, Wyoming that has the coolest stonefly tat ever! She might be game for a little hackle enhancement!

  3. The world is crazy, I hope that this style does not come to Spain!
    By the way I'm buying a grizzly hackle.

  4. Dave, I'll send you a pair! I feel your pain. I mean they only last 2 months and then go away without seeing water? I have flies tied 7 years ago that have the chance at seeing some water.

    MM-Any chick from Rock Springs would look good with some hackle in her hair, especially if she is a bar maid.

    Carlos, If I were you, I'd grab a few dyed grizzly hackles just in case. You could always tie flies with them if needed.

  5. Bigerrfish,

    You could say that again! I didn't mean to ruffle your hackles, sheesh!

  6. What salon do I call? I've got a bunch of saddle hackle I've never used.

  7. I find this strangely appealing. I’d love to see a little Krystal Flash or Iceabou worked into the weave. Or, for a special occasion, maybe a zonker strip?

  8. I like the zonker strip as well, although I'm Stijl a big fan of the dubbing waxed look myself....

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  10. Crap, now we might have to think about protecting our zonkers. When will this ever stop?
    You'll have chicks walking around comparing the sizes of their zonkers.

    @ Anonymous-:)

  11. Juan,
    This phenomenon might not be as new as you thought. I pointed out this post to my girlfriend Kelly, and in watching one of the past seasons of LOST on DVD earlier today, she saw a girl with a hackle tied into her hair. I didn't see it personally, but she called me when she did. She said it makes its appearance in season 3, episode 9... something about a girl on a beach flying a kite. I don't know much more than that.
    Very interesting. Perhaps we have the American Broadcasting Company to thank for hackle shortages.

  12. Hey, it's coming to Canada, even. Spoke to a lady looking for saddles yesterday!