Sunday, February 13, 2011

Images from the 2011 West Denver TU Tying Clinic

Here are a few images from the 35th Annual West Denver T.U. tying clinic.  I wasn't able to get many shots as it was busy for most of the day and sneaking in to get close up shots was hard to do.  There were over 50 great tiers from Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Wyoming and Texas.  If you have never been, I highly recommend that you get to next years' event.

 Carl tying up some Pennington's Golden Stone
 Juan's Buggy Arizona Prince Nymph
 MFC Hook Box

 Beginner's area

 Bob Dye and Pat Dorsey from Blue Quill

 Them midges are small!
 Theo's Golden Stone

Rick Takahashi telling another story.  I wonder if he tied any flies during the day?  :)


  1. i dont mean to be critical but your photos would be nicer if they were in focus. maybe its just my eyes

  2. Hey Norm, you're a tool....

  3. Norm,

    I think it's just your eyes. Now, these aren't the most professional photos, but they get the point across. I was sharing so folks out there could get a few peeks of what was going on.


  4. So nowdays, critique of a fly pic makes on a tool...jeez.

  5. Juan, Great shot's and pleanty of them! Im sure you were busy but still made time to build up a post for us.. Thanks from all of us who couldnt make it..
    Arizona prince..... smoking Juan!

    foos need da mine they biz.

  6. Juan... Enjoyed the post! Couldn't make the show this year and I appreciate the overview. Some folks my not understand that you're having to juggle tying and running around taking photos or even have a grasp that you don't just jump in and fill flash the shots of the tiers or their bugs.

  7. I've thought about this comment all night as I originally read NF's comment last night, was taken back and I'd like to point out a couple of things. First, Normand you're a fine tier and your photograghy is superb, if not a little clinical. You work with a nice light table set up for your fly shots, your light is diffused and balanced, exposures are right on and the shots are tack sharp. Yet on your entire site there isn't one field shot of a trout or any other species of fish, let alone another human being, short of the ad shot for the boot washer. I don't mean to sound critical, but as a professional photographer I'd say your photogaphy is uninspired and sterile where as Hopper Juan captured the moment under somewhat difficult shooting conditions. I won't go so far as to refering to you as a tool, but I'd love to know why you thought your comment was warrented. From what I see you're a shop shooter and little more.

    As for chewydog coming to your defense, that's certainly his right, but I truly wonder if "chewydog" has a hint of understanding when it comes to composition, aspect ratio or depth of field. More over I wonder if "chewy dog" and you might not have grasped the basic truth that these fly fishing blogs are about a wonderful little corner of our lives and not the place for critiques.

    Both my husband and I attended this show and no where did I see a name card for a tier named Normand Franchette or Chewy Dog so I doubt you would understand how difficult it was to get the quality of the photos Juan presented here.

    Darlene Colby
    Aspect Photography
    Chicago, Illinois

  8. Do you have a recipe for the Juan's buggy Arizona's prince nymph? Looks like a great fly.

  9. dawheelers-

    Looks like I might need to do a tying tutorial for this bug! Photo or video? A few people have showed interest in this pattern.

  10. I am always a fan of video's but would be happy with either.

  11. Pictures! I hate trying to catch the little dodad to pause it...

  12. Back to the smut.... Personally I think "tool" says it all! Love your site and your patterns are great.....