Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fly Tying Class-01/14 Tying and Fishing Foam Flies

Many people love to throw bigger flies during the summer, but they often complain that they cannot keep their standard flies dry and floating and that they don't know how to tie foam flies.   Well for you, on Friday night, I will have a class on how to tie these flies as well as how to fish them.  We will cover the Hopper Juan, a standard beetle and the Club Sandwich.  As mentioned, we will discuss how to fish these patterns.   If you know how to tie them, but not how to fish them, then they will just be a pretty fly in your box.  
Ghillies Fly Shop
Friday 01/14/11
All materials provide.  Projected onto a HD TV.

Call Ghillies to sign up.  Space is limited and this has been a popular class.  719-531-5413