Monday, January 10, 2011

Images from The Fly Fishing Show.

After spending 3 days in Denver at The Fly Fishing Show, I looked through my photos and realized that I  didn't get nearly as many photos as I wanted to and I didn't get any shots other than the flies that everyone was tying.  I had planned on getting shots of some product and some presenters, but never got the chance to do so. So, you will just have to settle for pictures of flies.  I hope you don't mind.  
A peek into Shea's "reject box".  I don't see any rejects in there, do you?
More of Shea's box.
More Splatte patterns.

Flies from Kevin Compton.

Deward's little Midge Larva
Beadhead version.
Tim Mack's San Juan River Midge
I think this one was tied by Deward.

Mark Boname tying "spoon flies". 
Tube Flies!
Carl's Purple Prince.  This thing was sweet!  
Carl Pennington's Golden Stone.  
Casey Dunnigan, fellow MFC designer with an awesome Stonefly.   
Rick Takahashi's Chrinomids.  

Got Eggs?  
Walt Mueller (AKA "The Otter") is the egg man.  
Jason Goodale, another MFC designer, was spinning up some sweet bass flies.  

Deward's realistic mayfly.  This was in a display case.  
Same display case.

Tim's Foam Back.
I think this is an Envy Midge.  

 Tim tying away.
 Mark McMillian's Display.  Some really sweet flies on this display.  

 Jake Ruthven, a young tier, twisting up some bugs.
 A couple boxes of mine at my table.
One more shot of my boxes.  
Representing at the show.  


  1. Can't wait for the show to get to Pleasanton.


  2. What kind of box is that in your 2nd last photo (the black one)?

  3. Gee, I didn't need to go to the show after all. I could have just sat right here on my couch. Thx!

  4. Dewad's display case...oh my word those are beautiful. I'll take that "reject" box. Great photos, thanks for sharing with those that couldn't make it! -stephanie

  5. DP, That box is a C&F Box. It has 4 sides for fly storage. It has a middle leaf and it has storage on both sides. It carries around 1,000 flies.

    Gary, Maybe next year??

    Stephanie-You are very welcome!

  6. Man I wish my flies looked like any of those. I'm also jealous of anyone who can organize flies in a box. Thanks Juan.

  7. Great pictures Juan. Thanks for the flies. I am still looking for a recipe for the peacock caddis. Any ideas? I looked at the CSO site, but i didn't find anything there. Have a great day, Jerry

  8. Nice pictures Juan, verry nice boxes as well!

  9. Jerry--The Peacock Caddis is on COS You Tube Site. You'll have to look for it again but it's there.

    Thanks to all for the comments. There are some amazing tiers out there. I just wanted to share a few of them and their work.


  10. Hey Juan Thanks for the directions to the utube video. Just have to search a little more. Jerry

  11. wow. what a cool post. thanks for sharing.

  12. Did Shea ever sign with anyone?

  13. As far as I know, he hasn't. Umpqua was looking at his stuff but I don't think ithas gone anywhere yet. I am
    trying to have him send some stuff to MFC.

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