Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/2 Done.

Happy New Year!  I hope 2011 is better for you than 2010 was.

Since I had some time and it's been pretty cold, I've been busy tying my little life away.  I finished one side of the box I posted about earlier.  It's mostly a caddis box right now, and all the beadheads are tungsten beads.   I don't know if I will have time to start the other side, but I have 3 days next weekend at the show to start filling it.  I tried to add some new patterns that I don't currently carry in this box.  It is geared more towards the bigger sizes, #14-18.  Now, what to put in the other side?

 X-Caddis in Tan & Dark Dun.
 CDC Caddis.
 More nymphs. 

 Not sure the name on these.  I saw something like these somewhere, so it's not a truly original pattern of mine but it might be different enough from the one I saw.  I just can't remember.  
 Ready to go.

 Caddis dries.
 Droppers ready for action.

 Purple Stones and Golden Stones.  
 Mercury Caddis, Peeking Caddis, and my caddis larvas.  
 My version of the Arizona Prince Nymph.  
 Caddis and Stones.
 Purple Stones.  I've never seen purple stones, have you?
 #14 Tungsten Red Headed flies.  I need a name for these. 
 Mercury Caddis, Peeking caddis and my BH larvas. 
 CDC Caddis.
 Foam Caddis.
 X-Caddis, #16
 Arizona Prince Nymphs, #12-14
 Dun X-Caddis.
Time for the other side and then to the stream when things warm up.


  1. That is one awesome box. You are serving as some fantastic motivation for me.

  2. I have been tying off and on for the last month, but your production is impressive. Beautiful boxes of flies. Thanks for sharing, Jerry

  3. well done sir, well done!

  4. Awesome-- this is some serious fly box porn. I'm digging those purple stones the epoxy back looks amazing.