Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time Flies!

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During the Holidays, it seems to always be busy.  Somewhere along the way, I find time to sit down and tie a few flies.  This year, I made sure to spend some time working on a few flies for a new box that I want to fill.  I am also busy trying to figure out what I want to tie during next week's Fly Fishing Show in Denver.  Yep, that's next weekend!  I better get things in gear.  I have more stickers and some more of my hopper kits for you again this year.  Which reminds me, I better get moving!  For now, here are a few pictures on what I have been working on.


  1. Great looking flies Juan. Are those Prince Nymphs with black bead heads or a Juan variation? Are you up for breakfast before the show? I will be posting it on a couple of the forums this weekend. Have a Happy New Year, Jerry

  2. Man those fly boxes are beautiful. If mine were that organized I wouldn't be able to find what I'm looking for. I'll watch for you at the show.

  3. Hi Juan, Looking extremely good. Can you tell me the brand of the boxes you are using?



  4. Jeroen,

    These are the new fly boxes from Montana Fly Company. they come in 3 sizes and this is the largest one. I think they will work perfect for Med. sized flies from about 10-18. Here is a link to them.

    Jerry-looking forward to this year. See you soon.

    COFisher-Thanks for the praise. If only other things in my life were so organized! See you soon.

  5. Juan,

    Great looking flies as always. I also wanted to update you on some changes at AZWanderings. My new site can be found at:

    I appreciate any insights or thoughts that you had on it. I appreciate what you do on your blog and one of these days I'm going to wander up to Colorado. Maybe we could get some time on the water. Thanks again for your support.

    Ben Smith

  6. Juan
    Got a question--after looking at your fly boxes, how many of the same patterns do you carry on the water? How many midges, nymphs, or dries? I find myself carrying way too many flies sometimes with way too many fly boxes. In a days time I may use a half doxen flies. By the way Have a great New Year on the water.

  7. Bill,

    I usually carry 4 boxes all year around. A Dry, nymph, midge and additional dry fly box. I also stuff in a couple more boxes "just in case". During the summer I stuff in a few more boxes with hoppers more caddis and more droppers as well as more streamers. I carry way more than needed but that's just me. I guess If I had more money than needed, I would carry more around also! When it comes down to it, I usually only use a few flies. I once tried to carry only 1 box and I was just a mess. And here I am tying more flies to carry around. :)

  8. Thanks for all the guidance and inspiration. Respect. avril