Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video or Photo Tutorials?

Thank you to those who took the time to vote.  I kept the poll up long enough to get an idea of what you guys like.  Last week, I noticed a huge jump in votes for the photos, from about 6 votes to 26, within a couple hours, while the video stayed the same.  I think something silly happened there.  I don't think the final count accurately represents everyone's vote; 51% Video & 49% Photo.
I think the actual un-skewed votes for video would have been somewhere around 3 to 1 as they started out as.  With that, I will continue to do some photo tutorials for those that can't view video at work, but will also try to continue to improve and provide more high definition tying videos for you guys.  I still have a few unprocessed from last winter, so be on he look out for those.  I just need to  find time to edit them.  Thanks again for checking out this blog and feel free to let me know what I can improve or some things you might want to see on here.