Wednesday, October 6, 2010

If you can help...

Please come fishing with us!

Catamount Institute’s after school club kids are studying all things water this semester, catching bugs in the creek, tying flies, and going fishing.  We are still short on volunteers, especially for fishing.  If you think you’d like to fish Catamount’s private ponds at the end of Edlowe Rd past Woodland Park, please give me a call or email. 
·         Fishing groups are small-TU is lending youth rods for kids
·         I will teach as much as you need me to
·         You cast (my casting needs work)
·         You catch a fish (We hope- for the kids to see)

Here is the most recent schedule for fly tying and fishing as of 10/6/10.  Not much has changed- which is why we need your help!
·         Strike through indicates passed event
·         Highlighted Volunteer Neededindicates we still need an experienced fly fisher
I look forward to hearing from somebody ;)
-Tracy Jackson
Education Director, Catamount Institute (719) 471-0910 X104

Fishing –Call Tracy for exact times
ALL fishing events are at the Catamount Mountain Site at the end of Edlowe Rd between Woodland Park and Divide between ~3:00 and 5:00pm
9/23 Thursday- Columbine Elm- Sam Humpert volunteered
9/27 Monday- Howbert Elm Chris Powell volunteered
10/4 Monday- Taylor Elm- Doug Downey is volunteering
10/11 Monday- Lincoln Elm- Volunteer Needed ~3:00-4:30pm
10/12 Tuesday- Manitou Elementary- Volunteer Needed ~4:00-5:30pm
10/13 Wednesday- GLOBE Charter School & Summit Elm- Volunteer Needed  ~3-5 & 5-6
10/14 Thursday- Stratmoor Hills Elm- Volunteer Needed ~4:15-5:45
10/20  Wednesday Cresson Elm - Volunteer Needed
10/21 Thursday- Lake George- Volunteer Needed

Tying- Call Tracy for Exact times (all between ~ 3:00 and 5:00pm)
ALL tying lessons are at the schools listed below
9/20 Monday Howbert Elm- Sam Humpert volunteered
9/23 Wednesday Cresson & Summit Elm- Sam Humpert volunteered
9/30 Thursday- Doug Downey volunteered
10/4 Monday- Lincoln Elementary- Mike Clifford is volunteering
10/5 Tuesday- Manitou Elementary- Mike Clifford is volunteering
10/6 Wednesday- GLOBE Charter School- Juan Ramirez is volunteering
10/7 Thursday- Stratmoor Hills Elm- Mike Clifford is volunteering
10/14 Thursday- Columbine Elementary Travis Newsome is volunteering
10/28 Thursday- Lake George- Volunteer Needed

I helped the fly tying class on 10/06 and it was fun and the kids are excited about tying and fishing.  If you can help, that would be awesome!  Contact Tracy Jackson at her e-mail listed above.  


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