Friday, October 1, 2010

I need a name.

Hi, I am a baetis nymph and have been going by the name, Juan's Baetis Nymph for  awhile, but recently my name was changed to "Bringing Sexy Back Baetis".  Yea, pretty lame.  So now I need a new, cooler name.  I need your help in finding a new name for myself. So go ahead and let me know if you have any ideas.  Once I have a good name, I'll have my creator post a tying tutorial for you.


____________Baetis Nymph.  


  1. obviously there is a difference in some materials, but I can't help seeing a mike tucker style/inspired baetis nymph

  2. Hey Juan. How about the "Hot Shot Baetis Nymph". You can name it in honor of the Forest Service firefighters. The certainly deserve recognition.


  3. Normand, I am sure if I really start digging, I can find several others similar to this bug. I know that Shane Stalcup has one similar in apperiance to this one and to Mr. Tucker's fly. I think that we have all come to the conclusion that this style of fly looks best on the 200R hooks. If you tie it on another style hook, it takes away the sleekness and the longer slim body profile and turns it into a straight, stiff looking bug. I love this style fly, but wish I could tie it smaller than the #22s that 200Rs go down to or #24s that Dia-Riki go down to without losing the gap width.

  4. Normand, I’m confused! Why, when a tier uses the correct hook style to capture the basic profile of an insect, does that mean his or her tying has to be influenced by a particular tier. Mr. Ramirez is correct in pointing out that Shane Stalcup has Baetis patterns very similar to his own and if you actually look at technique then change the materials, his wing case and legs might be compared to a Barr's Emerger or a Juju Baetis. Mike Tucker produced some very nice patterns, but Mr. Ramirez's fly doesn't incorporate the oil or water filled larva lace rib that Mr. Tucker tried to popularize with a number of his patterns and is far closer to more recent patterns that have been on the market than Mr. Tuckers. In fact, if you were to ask a grouping of fly fisherman from across out country, a high percentage would recognize Mr. Barr’s nymph or Mr. Craven’s flies and very few would even recognize Mr. Tucker’s name, let alone his nymph.
    My question being, Normand after looking at your patterns on the Fly Tier's Page site; who is your inspiration? Is the wing on your San Juan Series a hold over from the days when the RS2 ruled? Are your Thread Midges influenced by any particular tier?
    This is all pure silliness! Mr. Ramirez name your fly for the location of the run or drift that spawned it's birth, or after the pet name of one of your children like Charlie Craven did with his daughter and the Jujubee series. Your fly is a nicely constructed little nymph and after seeing it pictured tonight I now have a half dozen in my fly box. Consider that recognition of your skills at the vice.


    James Bailey
    Cody, Wyoming

  5. You better be careful Juan CC name is coming up way to much. You might get in trouble for his name coming up on your blog. As far as the name of the fly goes, I'm not the most creaitve person around. Her is a name, Juan's Tailwater Baetis Nymph

  6. Nice looking fly! How about JR's Baetis. A little word play on your name and it leaves room for JR's Stone, JR's Caddis Emerger, etc., etc. On the otherhand, CC used to tie for MT and as CP pointed out, it's a slippery slope... So I'd probably run it by EE.

  7. James, Well said! Thanks for your comments. Let us know how they work for you.
    I have heard a few great ideas and I really do like the "Hot Shot Baetis" as Shoreman mentioned and naming it after those guys is not a bad idea, though I think I might look at a caddis pattern to fit that name a bit better. The name I am leaning for is the "719 Baetis". My area code is 719 and it has a good sound to it. As Midgeman mentioned, a little word play on this, leaves room for a series of other flies such as stones, caddis and others. Look for a tying tutorial when I get the time to post. Thanks fellers!

  8. Juan's Yelluh-Bellied Baetis Nymph. Boom.

  9. O.D.B.? (Old Dirty Baetis?)