Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The way it should be

I am from New Mexico and I love good food. There is a big difference between Mexican food and New Mexican food. In Colorado, we have lots of Mexican food. Not New Mexican food though. You would think that since New Mexico is between Colorado and Mexico, it would be a little more common but the search continues.

I was in New Mexico this weekend and was able to visit one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Fe. When I lived in Los Alamos, it was a common stop during the off season in Santa Fe, if there even is such a thing in Santa Fe. The place is Tomasita's and it is near the Santa Fe train depot. If you get a chance to ride the Railrunner to or from Albuquerque, do so and eat at Tomasita's. That is if you crave something good and a taste of New Mexico.

You could always wash it down with some Pecos River water later.

Super Combo for a growing boy.  Red chile, green chile, tamales, chile renello, enchiladia, taco and sopapillas with honey butter.  Dang, it doesn't get better than this!


  1. Dude, that looks way tasty, and the portions are enormous. Next time take me with you and of course, we'll have to fish below the Navajo Dam and then the Pecos.

  2. Tomasitas is my favorite place to eat when I visit my mom in Santa Fe. Fantastic carne adovada!!! A stop at High Desert to shoot the bull is a good chaser after the sopapilla!

    Glad to see you have good taste!