Friday, December 18, 2009

Chad Gauerke: European Caddis Patterns; Czech Nymphs and Slovenia Sedges 12/19/09

Come and watch Chad tie some of his awesome creations. Chad has created some great patterns for this area and beyond.  Come and learn some new patterns to put in front of those picky South Platte fish.  It will be a good one.  More info on Chad:

Chad has dived into the Euro School of Tying creating and changing patterns developed in Eastern Europe for our waters here in North America. Chad uses a mix of both American and European materials in his flies and jumps at the chance to take our patterns and add a new twist to them using the materials from across the big pond. Come and see what Magic Shrimp Foil is used for and the stuff called Magic Body Quill, Siman's Peacoc-k Dubbing, Live body and some other materials from Eastern Europe.

Chad is a featured tyer in Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka's Modern Midge Book as well as a Tier for the Denver Fly Fishing Show, numerous fly tying demos at shops up and down the Front Range.

Chad also has a blog with more information and more great patterns. 
Check it out here:
He also has flies here:

Ghillies Fly Shop
Colorado Springs

C's Ascending Gypsy Caddis

Magic Quill Green RS3

The Slovenian Gypsy

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