Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Copper John Tying Class 12/04/09

The Copper John Class has been the most popular class that we offer.  It's no wonder since the best selling nymph is the Copper John and we all know that it just catches fish.   I will instruct you step by step how to tie it correctly;  heavy and durable. Watch in high defination TV.   Bring your own tools if you have them otherwise we will provide.  All materials will be also be provided. 

Friday Dec. 4th. 6:30-8:30 PM

Ghillies Fly Shop
Call to sign up. $25.00. Kids under 18 are free of charge.


  1. For anybody sitting on the fence, this is a great class. For me, the Copper John was a bit intimidating to tie. Juan takes you meticulously through each step. His process is well thought out, indeed each wrap of the thread has purpose. Don't hesitate. Take this and all subsequent classes. Your tying will vastly improve.

  2. Those are some gorgeous looking flies. The colors are superb too.
    Kelly L