Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working with Foam Tying Class 12/18/09

Foam flies are some of the easiest flies to tie. This class is designed to make it fun and easy to tie durable patterns. Learn to tie the Club Sandwich, Hopper Juan and Amy’s Ant. These patterns are fun to tie and even more fun to fish. The Club Sandwich is a bigger fly that passes as a hopper or stonefly, the Hopper Juan is a hot new hopper pattern that works well as an attractor and stonefly pattern. The Amy's Ant is a great general all around attractor that passes for a caddis, ant, stonefly or hopper. The class will cover types of foam, how to cut foam bodies and how to glue and make sandwiched foam bodies. This will be a fun class to take and make sure you bring your kids. They tie for free. Limited to 6 students so call Gary to sign up. Step by step flies projected on HDTV. Cost $25.00

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  1. For those who missed it, the "Tying With Foam" class was outstanding. There was a good turnout and everybody learned something new. There was a youngster in attendance also, and he did exceptionally well. Juan is a great teacher.