Thursday, July 19, 2012

Need a Scott S4?

I've offered this rod to you guys in the past, but I had no nibbles.  This time, I intend to put it in the hands of someone reading this.   It's a Scott S4 8'6" 4wt. (854/4)  It's in excellent condition.  It is the least used rod that I have and I have used it at the most 6 times.  It's been out 2 times this year.  I am selling it for $350.00 + shipping.  Please e-mail me if you are interested.  I will ship to the US only.  

Quick, sensitive, and light in the hand, the 854/4 is right at home in small and medium size rivers with small and medium-sized dries and lightly weighted nymphs. Superior feel and tippet protection make this a great choice for technical fishing in smaller waters.

Line Recommendations:
Airflo Tactical Trout WF4F
Rio Gold WF4F
SA Mastery GPX WF4F

Scott 906/4

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