Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Club Sandwich

The Club Sandwich is a hot fly to have right now.  This summer is all about hopper & droppers.  The Club Sandwich can be tied to imitate many different insects.  My favorite thing about the C.S. is the legs.  I love to have all those rubber legs moving and grooving in the water.  I have fished this pattern as a hopper on the surface of the water and at the end of the drift, I stripped it like a streamer.  That drove the fish crazy!  Tie some of these up or go to your local shop and pick a few of these things up.  


  1. Juan,

    Great looking fly. Do you have a tying receipe or video that you would be willing to share? Thanks for a great site.

    1. Mike,

      Thanks! I do have a tying video for this pattern. If you look under " tying videos" on the right side of my home page, you will see several patterns listed and there is one for tying the Club Sandwich. It takes you to my Vimeo page with all my tying videos on it. Thanks again!

  2. Sure need to take some time and follow your tips of fishing Hoppers and Droppers. This pattern looks deadly!

  3. I really like the Club Sandwhich Juan. Now to tie some up. :)