Monday, July 9, 2012

A Day With Jackson

A few days ago, Jackson told his mom he wanted to learn to fly fish.  This Saturday, Jack and I head down to Pueblo for a visit to the Arkansas River below Pueblo Dam.  This was a great option since the water is lower than other places and the fishing has been red hot and the water is easy wading right now.  We just went with the basics.  Boot for me and a pair of Keens for him.  We hit the river and after showing him a few things, he got right in the grove of it.  We fished the fast, riffle water and had great success.  The fish were feeding hard and some of those bigger fish took Jack for a ride before coming unhooked.  He landed a few of the smaller ones and about 10 casts into the day, it was already a success.  We continued to fish until the late afternoon, going longer than I thought we would.  He had a blast, as did I.  We made our way upstream, finding willing fish in most places.  We ended the day with a few fish on dries, some of them around 18".  The fish were eating PMD emergers, caddis pupa, adult caddis and midges.  It was a great day, one that we both of us will not forget any time soon.  Jack has already asked when we are going fishing again!   

Dang, it got away!

He was about this big! 

Fun times



  1. Sounds like an excellent time.


  2. That must have been a proud poppa day! God for you both.

  3. Looks like he has the cross body cast and mending down!! Great start and some even better results. Nice fish!! Go get em Jack!! Jerry

  4. That's awsome! Connor (4 yo son) really enjoyed watching Jackson fish. But he asked "where's his waders?" :) Looks and sounds like an unforgetable day.