Thursday, March 1, 2012

Upcoming Events

First of all, it's been crazy these last several weeks.  I am running at 120MPH and getting tired.  Why?  Well, there are a few things coming up that I have been working on.

First, on Friday night 03/02/12, I will have a tying class at Ghillies Fly Shop covering the BWO Lifecycle.  We will discuss and tie several patterns to make sure you have what you need when the hatch starts.  This will be from 6:30-8:30 pm.  Call the shop to sign-up.

On Saturday March 3rd, The Colorado Springs FLy Fishing Show is at Anglers Covey starting at 9:00am.  I will be at the  tying bench at 9am, so stop by and say hi.  There will be a lot going on through the day and there will be some really good deals that day.  Stop by and check it out.

On Saturday, March 10th, I will be back at Ghillies for a tying demo sharing some of my favorite patterns for the area and beyond.  Stop by to check it out.  The demo starts at 10:00am

On Saturday March 31st, I will be at the Peak Fly SHop here in Colorado Springs.  It will be my first visit there, so I hope I see some new faces.  The demo starts at 10:00am.

After I finish all of these things, I think I am going to retire from fly tying.  That is after I finish all my donation fly boxes!

Stay tuned for more info and I'll see you guys soon!


  1. Hey Juan, I wish I could come down to visit with you at your events. The Friday night session sounds great. What are you featuring? You could be spending your "free time" doing something else. Have a great weekend, Jerry

  2. So, what are you doing in your spare time? LOL.


    1. P90X!

      Gotta get this thing from a 5 to maybe a 7