Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What people are fishing.

According to a very scientific experiment conducted this week, it seems the majority of the people polled liked to fish a Sage fly rod.  Sage is more than likely the most popular rod company out there.  Sage took 37% of the pie, followed by Winston at 22%.  My favorite rod company, Scott Fly Rod Company was 3rd with 14% of the votes.  It's nice to see that the top three favored rod companies are American made.  Winston may have a few rods produced overseas, but I am not 100% sure of that, and I am going to assume that most folks enjoy the finer rods of that company that are made in Montana.  TFO, Orvis, St Croix and Redington rounded out the rest of the choices.  In another poll to be posted later, I will ask the more specific question of what rods from what companies are preferred.  And where does price fit in?

For now, take a look at the new poll to the right----->
What is your favorite fly company?

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