Sunday, July 11, 2010

Caddis pattern revisited

 A while back, I posted these flies and said I would have to try them out.  I tied a large one in size 10 and stared at that thing and imagined where I would throw it and how big a dropper I could put on it.  Well, I did get the chance to test the size 10 out earlier this year and was disappointed.  It would probably work just OK by itself, but holding a dropper up was not a good idea.  The weight of the hook alone was a detriment to the fly itself.  The percentage if body below the surface was to great to keep the rest of the fly from sinking.  This was more evident when a dropper was added.  So, after reviewing, I feel the large sizes were a failure. Perhaps a size 12 on a light wire hook would be a better size to test. I have thrown the smaller #14s and 16s, but not enough to have a good feel for how they will work.  They do float better than the larger sizes though.  More testing to come!


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  2. small is great, love the look of this fly.