Saturday, September 19, 2009

Montana Fly Co. to carry the Ice Emerger

So imagine my surprise, when at the FFR last week, opening up the Montana Fly Company catalog and scanning over the new flies for 2010 and seeing the Ice Emerger! What the spank!!
I wish I would have known about this. Well, I guess that's not a totally bad thing, I just wish I would have been given some notice about it. My first reaction was, "they picked it up". "What about the Hopper?" The Hopper Juan was not in there and was not picked for production. Kinda like the overwhelming gold metal favorite sports star that never makes it past the Olympic trials. I thought for sure it would have a chance. My second thought was, "what a sh@&$ picture of the fly. Now honestly, it does look horrible and I wouldn't want to order this fly if I were a shop owner looking to order some new flies for the upcoming year based on this photo in the catalog and web site.

The finished product looked better and I was pleased with what was on display at the show. I made a few comments about this and that and we shall see if they make those adjustments. The variation that I sent in was the Ice Emerger Baetis-with a chocolate body and Callibaetis Ice Dub wing as opposed to the thread body shown above. So look for it in your local shop and make sure you try some out next spring on the BWOs.


  1. I think Adam Trina would sell more flies if his photographer did not digital mess with them.

    I got Carl P into MFC as I buy from Adam stock flies for Deer Creek. I believe Rainy's a great gal and it's a good company to have your flies with.

    Umpqua are not the company they used to be. So if you have never had any business with them then stay clear. They took 2 months to deliver and process 20 patterns (masters for photography) in Dz for new stock for next year and some razor foam.

  2. I looked at the Ice Emerger photo on MFC's site and couldn't believe they would put such a terrible photo up. Someone there needs to lay off Photoshop's bucket fill tool and start taking pictures correctly. I seriously hope that you can get them to redo this before the wholesale catalogs go out Juan.

  3. WTF-- they didn't even tell you? and, yeah, what a shit picture... geez...

  4. Hey Congratulations! I think it's great that they picked up your fly. Hopefully you can ask them for an improvement on the photo. I have snow on the ground and winter is coming. Can we start tying again soon?? avril

  5. Thank for seeing what I saw. I need to talk to Adam or Duncan..soon. I a greatful for them picking it up and I do hope some improvement can be made. It's a great fly and works well.
    classes will start soon. I am working on Sat. tying demos this winter. It should be good.