Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lonely, Lonely Spinney Mountain Ranch (Dream Stream).

So, today I took the day off to fish. I have wanted to do so for a while, but it is hard to get away and I always tell myself next time I will do it. So, today, I did. I headed to Antero Resevior for a few hours. I arrived to a nice morning with no wind and lots of fish eating. The fly of the morning was a #14 BH chironomid with silver. It worked well. I only fished a few hours before the hail chased me to shore. I then headed to the Dream Stream for a few more hours of fishing. Once I got there I got my stuff together and pulled my fly rod out of my car. When I raised it up in the air, there was a lot of buzzing going on. Oh, crap I thought, no fishing yet. I wanted to get out so I took a few steps and raised the tip again and now it was even more evident that I should stay put for a while. I retreated to the car just as it started raining. I leaned the seat back and I fell asleep for a few minutes listing to the rain on the roof of the car. I woke up and the rain had passed. I got my gear and headed out. Once again, as at Deckers, it was very quite. I was the only car in the middle parking lot, with only one car in the upper lot and two cars in the lower lot. I guess I should start fishing more during the middle of the week. After fishing a while, I managed to land a nice solid 20" rainbow on a caddis larva. It was the only fish of the day on the D.S. With more rain headed my way and even more wind, I packed it up and headed home.
#14 Cream Caddis Larva
Olive Green Caddis Larva


  1. That cream caddis larva looks amazing when wet-- like the realy thing... just with a bead for a head!

    nice fishy too.

  2. It does look good. I use a tungsten bead and leadwire underneath to make it dive. I like the green colored one also. I wanted to take a side-by side photo with the green caddis,but it was making a quick retreat.