Saturday, June 6, 2009

It blows

Somedays are just not meant to fish. Today was one. But fish we would. Someone had this crazy idea that since his wife was out of town, there would be some fishing that gets done. If nothing else got done, the fishing would.
I invited a friend to go with me and he did. He also drove and insisted to pay the fee up Pike's Peak Highway. He even offered to pay for lunch afterwards. I need to fish with him more often! I let him out fish me, letting him build the confidence needed to get through the summer until fall rolls around and then I will unleash my will on the fish eating baetis.
We fished North Catamount Reservoir today and when we got there, there was already whitecaps on the water, but fish we did. Coves can bring protection from the wind, and usually waders bring protection from the water, but today that didn't quite happen, but fish we did. That was until the wind and water got the best of both of us. Both of us suffered from leaky waders, one more so than the other, and we called it a day..or a morning since it was almost noon. What better to do to warm up a bit than head down in elevation and the local Mexican Cantina for lunch?
Tomorrow, I have plans to fish again, with a local fly shop owner on another lake and fish we will, because remember if nothing gets done when the wife is away, fishing will get done. Wish us calm weather and tight lines.


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