Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lonely Deckers, 05/30/09

Fished Deckers stretch of the S. Platte this evening. There is not a lot to write about. A few fish were caught and some lightning struck and rain fell. Caddis were out but I didn't see any fish rise. The water is up to around 535CFS, up from 100 CFS last week. The most interesting thing about this evening was the fact that there was no one on the water when I got there. I mean no one. Usually, you have to wait for a spot to fish. I got there and waited the lightning out and finally went down to fish. Two other hardware flinger showed up after the rain stopped and one of them hauled in a pig of a fish. Well over 20" and he kept it. Oh well, I guess. Other than them, there was nobody there!!!! From the big hill to the fence line it was all mine! Of course with the higher water, there was less area to fish but it was still good to be out. Fish were on caddis pupa. I fished a Graphic Caddis tonight and did ok.

Tan Graphic Caddis #16

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  1. It is always awesome to have a good stretch of river to yourself every once in awhile...glad you had a good time...